Mit Imkern für Imker entwickelt

This SMS scale is the product of Optical DOO in Europe. This company has been working closely with beekeepers for several years to develop this electronic scale with SMS enquiry in many respects. We have made it correspond to the latest state of the art while also making it more convenient for the beekeeper to use. Optical Doo has already received several technology awards for this product in its home country of Serbia and is ready for international comparison. In our opinion, it offers the best value for money on the market.

It is reliable and indispensable for every beekeeper.

We first came into contact with Optical DOO a few years ago when we launched the SMS scale on the German-speaking market with our "Honig vom Berg" apiary. At the same time, we were able to contribute our suggestions for adapting the software to the needs of beekeepers. Optical DOO is a reliable and innovative partner for us, and the SMS scale is now an indispensable piece of hardware for our apiary. This has also led us to take over the distribution of the SMS scale in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy. 

Speaking of reliability - we installed our first SMS scale in 2013. Connected to a solar panel, it has been delivering the yield and loss data of the bee colony on it every day without interruption and without any malfunctions ever since.

Your Team of Imkereibedarf HvB
Imkereibedarf - Honig vom Berg - A-6121 Baumkirchen